Extraordinary Wedding Photo Inspiration

Wedding event is one of the few occasions that could bring people together—family members, relatives, friends, colleagues and many others. In order to document this one of a kind event that only happens rarely, getting the best photographer is imperative. When taking wedding photos, you should not be content with the plain pose and shoot photos, it should be something creative. We have listed here the top unique wedding photo ideas that you should try in your wedding event.

Bride with her hanging gown

In the usual wedding photo, this type of creative shot is usually missed. Ask your photographer to cover the moments even before the wedding. Right before the bride will put on her dress on her wedding day, take a shot together with her dress hanging in the closet.

Shoes of the bride

Wedding photography is not about people; it should also include even small details. Ask for a shot of the bride’s shoes. This type of creative shot is not only limited to shoes; you can also have a shot of bride’s ring, invitation letter, bouquet and many more.

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Bouquet with the bridesmaids

Bridal flowers will not surely last for a long time so while they are fresh, it is important to have a creative shot. Have your bridesmaids line up and take photos of the bridal flowers.

Maternal touch

There is no other sweet moment than a mother helping her daughter fix her dress. This nostalgic moment could be captured forever in a single creative shot. Give the mother and daughter the time to bond with each other while taking this photo.

Mirror mirror on the wall

On the bride’s alone time, she will feel nervous and excited at the same time; it is also the time that she would always check herself in the mirror. Do not tell the bride that you will take this photo. Instead, wait for the perfect moment so you can get a candid shot that will honestly show what the bride feels during that certain moment.

Groom and his pals

If the bride has a photo with the bridesmaids with their bridal flowers, the groom should also have a moment with his groomsmen. Capture a creative photo with his goofy pals; the shot could be in the stairs or even in the porch.

Daddy giving his daughter away

This cool shot will show the soft side of every father. Some daddies might be so emotional on this shot so you need to wait for the perfect moment. Since daddy will be giving her little girl away to the groom, he might feel so happy at the same time sad.

Groom, waiting

There is no other authentic shot when you capture how the groom anticipates for the arrival of his bride. This could be one of the most unforgettable moments for the groom so it must be captured really well.

Kiss the bride

This shot should not be missed. IN the wedding ceremony, this is the highlight. There are some wedding photos wherein the kiss shot is rehearsed. To make it creative, try to have a candid shot of this moment–it is more dramatic.

Newlyweds exiting the chapel

This is the shot wherein the groom and the bride are relieved with all the emotions. This shot should perfectly capture how happy they are as they walk together as husband and wife.

The unique ideas will surely give you a variation in your photo album. It is always good to see photos that are unique and creatively compiled together. If you are a bride who is already tired of seeing usual wedding portraits, make sure you try these wedding shots. It is worth a try!

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