Getting Loose Diamonds That Shy Away from Critical Carat Weight in San Diego, CA

Considering Loose Diamond’s Critical Weight

When you are about to hunt for your diamond ring, bear in mind that you are going to spend big amount of cash. In fact, a diamond ring is considered as one of the biggest purchases that you are going to make in your life. It is just imperative that you should get its best value by selecting well.

loose-diamondsHere are some of the life hacks when selecting bridal loose diamonds in San Diego, CA that you can follow:

Critical weights of loose diamonds

When getting a loose diamond, size and carat weight are two important aspects that you should think over. Are you willing to get a cull carat ring? If yes then you should also be ready with the cost since full carat diamonds are usually very expensive. There are some diamonds that are cut into two because the buyer cannot pay for the whole.

When getting loose diamonds, you can always cash by not getting a full carat item. Instead, you shy away a bit from the critical weights by cutting the carat measurement. Instead of going all out for 1.00 carat, you can choose to have 0.95 carat. If your bride is not very particular with this type of measurement then it is okay to do so. However, if she is very knowledgable about these things then you should be careful because she might end up disappointed if she discovered that the ring is not in full carats.

Buying online loose diamonds

Almost everything related to wedding can also be purchased online these days. The good thing about getting a loose diamond online is it is cheaper by 20%. There are hundreds of online stores that sell loose diamonds so you have many options when it comes to competitive costs. However, you should be careful when dealing with an online supplier especially if the main store is located abroad. Before getting an item, please ask for the diamond certification and report to ensure that the items are not fake. You can also check its serial number in GIA’s database to know if the diamond is indeed authentic or not. Other diamonds are assessed by AGS, but GIA is more preferable in the US.

There are couples who are not satisfied when buying rings that are predesigned and preset. If you are into customization then starting off with the selection of bridal loose diamonds in San Diego, CA will be a good start since you can personally choose the type of stone you are going to choose. After selecting the loose diamond, you can go ahead and get a setting for it.

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